A National Selection Conference is every National Committee's main event. It is a four day Conference consisting of Teambuilding, Committee Work and General Assembly. At this event, participants can get selected to represent Belgium across borders at events all over Europe.

The National Selection Conference is organised by a team of around 40 Officials from all across Europe and aims to offer young Belgians a taste of European debate and culture. 



Since 2017, Belgium has been expanding its reach to more schools by organising Regional Conferences. Regional Conferences are different from our National Selection Conferences both in terms of size and location, but adhere to the same programme of Teambuilding, Committee Work and a General Assembly. A traditional Regional Conference is two days long.



Europolis is a project that is exclusively tied to the Belgian branch of the European Youth Parliament. Each year we organise two Europolis Conferences. The main difference between Europolis and our other Conferences lies in the language that is being used. During Europolis Conferences, delegates are free to speak their own native language (Dutch, French or German), as there are interpreters who simultaneously interpret all of the debates. Delegates form committees and write resolutions in their own school, during the months preceding the Conference. This presupposes a more elaborate preparation before going to to the Europolis Conferences. It also means that the conference itself consists only of a rather brief Teambuilding and General Assembly. Further there is also a panel debate, which takes up the rest of the programme.