What are the Membership Criteria?

Anyone can be a Member of the European Youth Parliament Belgium if they comply with the following criteria:

  • Has to have the minimum age of 15 years old;

  • Has to reside in Belgium;

  • Can’t be a Member of another National Committee;

  • Has attended at least one event organised by European Youth Parliament Belgium vzw or has held an official role in the structure of the organisation as mentioned in Chapter II Article 2 of the Internal Charter.

How to become a Member

If you comply with the Membership Criteria, you need to confirm your membership status by filling in te EYP Belgium Census. Each year, you need to renew your membership in the month of May.

If you don't comply with the Criteria

If you don't comply with the Membership Criteria yet, please reach out to our Human Resources Coordinator by filling in the following form.  Together with them, you will be guided towards achieving membership status.