What is the European Youth Parliament Belgium

The European Youth Parliament Belgium is the Belgian branch of the European Youth Parliament. We have organised numerous conferences, trainings and events for youngsters since 1993. Yearly, we organise a variety of conferences, differing in size, location and structure. Here, young people between the ages of sixteen and twenty-five come together to celebrate European connections and their own creative and well thought through solutions to current European issues. Through an interactive process and by simulating the procedure of the European Parliament, our participants learn the values of being an active European citizen as well as improving their soft skills such as public speaking, social skills and out of the box thinking.


The European Youth Parliament across borders

The  European Youth Parliament is a politically independent educational project tailored specifically to the needs of young European citizens. The European Youth Parliament encourages independent thinking and socio-political initiative in young people and facilitates the learning of crucial social and professional skills.


Every year more than 35.000 young people from 40 different European countries meet at one of more than 600 regional, national and international events. Over the past thirty years the organisation has become one of Europe’s largest platforms for political debate, intercultural encounters, political educational work and the exchange of ideas among young Europeans.

The European Youth Parliament grew from a small school project in 1987 in Fontainebleau, France. An important characteristic of the European Youth Parliament is that our participants defend their own views and not those of a particular political party or a country. The European Youth Parliament covers topical issues and does not avoid controversial topics. Through our conferences we encourage independent thinking and personal development.