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Antwerp 2024

Antwerp 2024 is the 30th National Selection Conference of the European Youth Parliament Belgium. It will bring together 200 young people between the 20th and 23th of February to formulate policy recommendations and exchange cultures. With 4 days of youth engagement and more than 10 activities, Antwerp will be the epicentre of democratic life and the celebration of European connections.


"Navigating a Complex Europe"


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We have a dedicated group of volunteers working on the project. In total, an Organising Team of 16 volunteers is making the necessary preparations to welcome Young Europe in Febuary, 2024. This team is lead by 3 Head-Organisers:

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Join as a delegate!

If you are a Belgian student between the ages of 15 and 19, and would like to join this amazing session? Fill in the form below and we will get back to you if you're selected.

General Information:

🌍 Antwerp (BE)

📅 20th to 23rd of Febuary 2024

💰 Participation fee is EUR 120 

🇧🇪 Only open for applicants residing in Belgium


Registration for individual delegates

Do you want to participate in the next national selection conference of EYP Belgium, Antwerp 2024?

You can still sign up as an individual delegate!

Do you have any previous EYP experience?
Please indicate if you answer one or more of the listed categories. We need to ask this for reporting obligations from our funders and partners.
Inclusion Fund

All Belgian Delegates who for some reason have difficulties paying the full participation fee are able to apply for a 50% reduction on the participation fee. This reduction will be in the form of a reimbursement after the conference has taken place. Everyone who receives a student grant from the government (studietoelage or bourse d'études) is automatically eligible for the reduction, but are asked to bring proof of this to the conference. All other people who want to apply for this fund will be asked to give a small reasoning, based on which will be decided whether they will receive the reduction. We can promise we will be discrete with this information and no differences will be made between participants who receive the fund and who don't.

Will you be paying the participation fee for the conference yourself? (Even if you are transfering it to your school and not to the European Youth Parliament Belgium directly)
If yes, do you have difficulties paying the full participation fee and would you therefore like to apply for a reduced fee?

Thanks for submitting!

This form doesn't allow applications anymore

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